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The Key to Winning Consistently is Staking your bets correctly. Staking Kings is your Key To Success.

Staking Kings is a collection of systems that improve your punting by staking your investments correctly and keeping a record of what you invest in and where and for how much. The discipline alone will improve what you are doing and the various processes will make profits wherever your selections are capable of doing so.

From time to time you will be advised of free upgrades and new systems and staking plans coming online. So whatever your sport horse, harness or greyhound Racing or even Sports, Stakingkings will have the answers.

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The reason most people lose on the punt is because they have no idea how to stake their selections. It is also common for Professional Punters to back multiple runners in what is known as a Dutch Bet, so what is a Dutch bet?

This is simply where you choose two or more horses and bet them in such a way that you will get back the same money when one of the horses you have bet wins the race. For example, you may choose two horses, one at $10 and one at $5 and your outlay is $20. The program will determine a bet of $6.66 on the $10 horse and $13.34 on the $5 runner for a return of 66.70. Of course the program will round these to the nearest dollar so $7 and $13 for a return of $70 or $65 If either one wins. This is assuming the dividend of the winner hasn’t changed.

But what if you only want to keep a record of your bets? You can still use the Dutchbet program to do this. Simply enter just the one runner in any races where there is just one bet. The program will keep a record and running total of all your bets in the Report section.

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With the change in how people view the Internet and the unpopularity of Windows 8 and 8.1 it has become necessary to create new Staking software and one of these is the New Winform Powerplay program. Instead of the program residing on your computer, it instead resides “in the cloud”. This means you can use your smart phone, Ipad or Tablet as well as your PC or Laptop and Apple Mac, to view your program and see all of your betting activity including your past results.

You can add all your betting accounts to the program and change by adding or deleting these as you wish. We have changed the program so that as you enter selections and prices you will see the progressive percentages so you know exactly what percentage you are up to, to operate the various strategies which rely on this.

In addition the bet amounts for recoup have changed to better reflect the markets as they are today with more money outlaid on the lower priced selections.

Those readers who have the original Powerbet program will appreciate the changes. Those who don’t will find the Winform Powerplay program very useful and profitable provided you use a good set of selections.

The Staking consists of using just 10% of your Bank, minimum $5,000 suggested, for each series which will be $500 and start with a base bet of just $5. There are no profit goals though. If your series loses you simply start another one. You would have to lose ten series of $500 before you were busted but most series will make a profit and the program notifies you by turning green when in profit. At this stage you simply close the series and start a new one. You will mostly be betting 2 horses, sometimes more or less, per race with an expected race strike rate of 30% at an average dividend of $5 or more. Detailed information on suggested strategies is available in the book Winning Is Everything by Garry Robinson.

The series that have ended are saved to the “Cloud” and you simply start where you left off when you log back in. The program does not place your bets for you but supplies you with the correct bet sizes to manage your money. You place your bets where you can get the best price having first entered the current fixed price available into the program. When the final dividend you receive exceeds your expected odds you can get a bonanza result. Occasionally it will be less but that is taken care of as we go along through the series. A win without clearing the series simply reduces the bet amounts moving forward.

One thing that should be made clear is the Winform Powerplay is basically a level stakes program using just 1% of the Series Bank and then ADDING A RECOUP bet to get back the outlay on losing bets. Further, it does not try to collect all of the losses in one winning bet, instead accumulating the lost stakes over a series of winning bets.

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The Money Factory was created as a tool for Professional Punters . It allows you to allocate your Bank in a way that follows the ebb and flow of wins and losses and can win even when your selection strategy is going through a losing trot. Usually it can even turn a loss of up to 10% into a profit of 5% to 10% and even more. You see , when punting you are either in loss or profit with each bet. Sometimes a series of say ten bets will produce an overall loss or profit but the line where you are even is crossed as the results go up or down. You can do this numerous times without getting ahead.

When you use Money Factory though, you turn a profit whenever that even line is crossed, even though with the same amount bet each time you would be losing.

All you need to know is the strike rate and average dividend of your selections. This and the peofri goal you set determines how much money you need for your Bank and we suggest that although a loss of Bank is rare, you should split your Bank into three portions .

Say for example you wanted to back favourites that you have decided are NOT false favourites and you get 30% winners at $3. Setting a profit goal of just $10 you would need a Bank of $320 and you base bet would be just $2. For a profit goal of say $50 your Bank is $1650.

The Money Factory cab be set to bet win or place or each way or even has a Dutchbet program built in and the way you bet can be changed from race to race if you wish, for example you may find a good thing in Race3 so choose win or a $10 chance which you think can win but should at least run a place so you choose each way OR you might simply choose Place only. In another race you might find three horse which are all a chance so choose Dutchbet for that race.

As for the Profit Goal, that is just something for the program to aim for. We suggest that as soon as the series is in profit (the result will turn green) close off the series and start again. The Report function will keep a record of all your bets so you can review them. Often you will actually get more than your Profit Goal, it will all average out.

Money Factory also works well with Sports betting.

An excellent resource for finding profitable Horse Racing and Sports betting methods to use with all of the Staking Plans is

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